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Graphic props are a key part to any art department.

— But Kim, aren't you just saying that 'cause you happen to enjoy designing this stuff? 

Um, okay, that too, but consider all the films in which the graphics have made a lasting impact on the movie-goers and fans of any film...

...all the beautifully designed graphic props that went into — say — the Harry Potter films; the Daily Prophet, the Maurauder's Map, the Undesirable #1 poster, and the Quibbler. Even designs less front and center like classroom books, notebooks, and the numerous packaging for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products.

Or all the amazing prop work that went into Catch Me If You Can — a movie about forgery where authenticity now has two purposes: to fool the audience and the characters in the story. Someone had to ensure the props not only followed how a forger would create something, but how a forger in the fifties would do it.

Stylized films benefit greatly from well-designed props, like the Grand Budapest Hotel, where passports, currency, booklets, and piles of Mendl's boxes don't just add to but practically make the style of the film.

Without these designs, the worlds we attempt to enter by watching these films would not feel nearly as lively or real (and their corresponding theme parks would have fewer products to sell — I say this with love). Graphics add longevity and authenticity to any film.

{ Harry Potter designers: Miraphor Mina, Eduardo Lima, and Lauren Wakefield }
{ Catch Me If You Can designer: Martin Charles }{ Grand Budapest Hotel designer: Annie Atkins }

About Me

I'm a graphic designer that specializes in graphics props, key art, and photo compositing. Graphic design originally interested me because it was a way for me to express my interest in movies, television, and books. I love learning about historical methods of production and analyzing old-fashioned design and prop-making puts that interest to good use.

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